Abel Arteaga


Abel G. Arteaga has over 15 years of quasi-law enforcement experience and is a licensed private patrolman by the Nevada Private Investigator Licensing Board (PILB). Abel also holds certificates in many areas of today’s growing security technologies. Abel founded ATAC Security in 2006 in an effort to raise standards in today’s security industry. Arteaga is also a leader in the growth of Minority American Owned and Operated Businesses in Southern Nevada. A dedicated father of two and a loving husband, Abel continually strives to uphold the good family values instilled in his own household.

Ashley Arteaga


A State of Nevada and Hargrove Institute graduate, Ashley oversees the challenges of the company’s wide resources including constant communication with the State Attorney General and overall operations. Ashley was also a nominee for the Young Professional Award.

Anthony Salas


Since 2006 I’ve been very fortunate to bring aboard many customers, my duties involve contractual negotiations, working with budgets and getting to know our customers wants and needs. Site surveying, guard certifications, electronic report writing, customized post / liability orders, purchasing are just a few tasks on my plate. I tend to lean on my experiences and with the company superiors when marketing to new customers as I am a firm believer to go into a meeting well prepared. I am a local Nevadan, I played football in high school, graduated with a 4.1 gpa, after high school and a few years later I received my degree. I’ve worked with ATAC during my educational years and I’ve always been fascinated by the security technologies we offer because your safety is our purpose and it’s my mission to deliver our well trained products.

Mike Dunlap


As Operations Manager, the daily multi-tasking challenges are at times very demanding… although it is extremely rewarding at the same time. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s to know our customer’s expectations. We internally conduct extensive; Safety Training, Pre-Employment and Random Drug Screening and Background Checks.